Cost-effective. Inclusive. Responsible.

Responsible employers put a premium on diversity and engagement in the workplace.

TVDSI provides business and recycling services to our community. Our individuals take great pride in helping to provide these services which offer them opportunities to learn, grow, and be fulfilled. If you or your business is interested in utilizing any of our services, please contact us.

Hiring an adult with developmental disability

Employer Benefits

With TVDSI's assistance, area businesses have an exciting opportunity to access an untapped and eager workforce. Our individuals bring a range of skills, abilities and qualifications to the workplace. Our team of job coaches offer support to both employee and employer to ensure their continued success.

Many area businesses already employ workers with disabilities because it makes good business sense – what are you waiting for?

Cost-effective labor
Lower turn over reduces training costs
Improves overall customer satisfaction and enhances employee morale
Promotes corporate responsibility
Federal tax incentives available

Our Happy Clients!

We highly value and are very enthused about all the associates we have hired with Twin Valley’s support. They are an integral part of our system! Twin Valley was essential in assisting each individual with the various aspects of our application and training process. Their added help with job coaching and follow up have been tremendous in helping to make these very successful associates at the Marysville Walmart.


Manager, Walmart #0341

Prior to bringing Twin Valley on board to assemble our grocery display shippers, we struggled to find time to get them completed. Now I don’t have to ever worry about getting the orders completed. This has been a huge win for our operation.

Joe Hockensmith

Operations Manager, Smithfield Foods

Twin Valley has become a great fit for the completion of our production needs! The work they complete in their work programs keep our production lines running smoothly and efficiently. And, the young man employed from their services is a great and enjoyable addition to our workforce. It gives us great satisfaction to know how thrilled the Twin Valley folks are completing this work for us!

Randy Frerking

Warehouse Manager, Valley Vet Supply

Services we offer

TVDSI is always seeking additional partnerships. No job too big or too small – our individuals are eager to work!

If you have a work opportunity, please contact us at 785-556-9117.

A box of packed ice packs for Valley Vet sits at TVDSI's Day Center in Greenleaf, KS. TVDSI offers many services for area businesses in Marshall and Washington Counties, Kansas.

Contracting Services

TVDSI establishes partnerships with area businesses to provide onsite and offsite opportunities for our individuals to work.

Current opportunities include:

Marshall County Recycling: Process/work the recyclables that are taken in for the county: Cardboard, plastics, paper, tin, metal and aluminum cans, and more!

Valley Vet Supply: Individually sack ice packs, repack in case, palletize, and shrink wrap

Our contracting services includes convenient pickup & delivery of necessary materials and completed products.

Shredding services

TVDSI offers document destruction services. Consider utilizing our services to protect yourself or your company from identity theft, vandalism and industrial espionage.

Documents may include:

Financial records 

Personnel files and Payroll documents

Legal records

Canceled checks and Tax information

Medical records

Inventory lists

Credit card receipts

Customer lists and Confidential correspondence

A man shreds documents at TVDSI's Day Center for adults with disabilities in Greenleaf, KS.
A bag of recycling sits on a pallet, waiting to be picked up by Marshall County Recycling Services. TVDSI provides sorting services for Marshall County Recycling.


TVDSI accepts many recyclable materials for processing including: 

Plastics #1, #2, #3, #5, #7
Paper (Office, magazine
and Newspaper)
Aluminium Pop Cans
Ferrous Metal
Non Ferrous Metal
Motor Breakage
Paired Shoes
Purses and Belts

Our individuals provide on-site service work at Washington County Environmental Sciences as well as on-site recycling at our Beattie location for Marshall County Recycling.

A woman sits next to a shredder at TVDSI's Day Center, which offers services for IDD in Greenleaf, KS.
A woman rips apart bound documents, magazines, and books before shredding them at TVDSI's Adult Day Center in Greenleaf, KS.
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