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Promoting community and growth for people with intellectual and developmental disability.

A TVDSI employee pats a woman with an intellectual or developmental disability on the back at TVDSI's day center in Greenleaf, KS.

Our mission is to assist the individuals we serve to live more robust lives and actively support their inclusion in their local communities.

What sets us apart is our commitment to not only providing life and job-skills training but also creating real, on-site work opportunities as well as independent living spaces for our individuals.

In 2004, we opened a thriving thrift shop in Waterville, Kansas that sells high-quality recycled clothing and housewares as well as baling and selling clothing for delivery to third world countries. This provides funding opportunities as well as work opportunities for our individuals. We have since opened a second location in Beattie, Kansas. 

First CEO of Twin Valley, Ed Henry

The first CEO of Twin Valley, Ed Henry was instrumental in the movement to encourage individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live independently, outside of large institutions.

Seeing success placing individuals into group homes and supported living, Ed took it a step further to foster even more independence for those who were able. Twin Valley has assisted many individuals to not only get their “own” jobs and live in their “own” place but to become active and very productive citizens in their local communities.

In the beginning, we served people with relatively easy-to-serve disabilities. Since that time, the severity level has just grown and grown. Now we can serve basically any severity of developmental disability. We have or can build a program to fit the needs of almost everyone that comes to us.

Ed Henry, former CEO

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Support TVDSI as we continue to expand our programs and services! All donations help the folks we serve live, learn, and love life. TVDSI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Changing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities for over 40 years.

Founded in 1976, we have been redefining developmental disability services in Northwest Kansas for over 45 years.

Over the course of its history, Twin Valley has worked to provide opportunities and services to the most vulnerable members of our communities. Through job and life coaching, assisted care, and friendship, the organization has managed to help hundreds of individuals create their own, independent lives and achieve their dreams.

Our Values


We help our individuals fully connect to and take part in the world around them. Likewise, we help their local communities learn how to fully support and embrace them.

Collaborative Support

We come alongside those we serve and help them to create the life THEY want. If they want to work, learn, or live independently, we help facilitate their desires.


A person with intellectual and developmental disabilities is still a person with desires and needs. We recognize and honor them, their journeys, and their goals for their life.

Mission Statement
Working to enhance the lives of the folks we serve.
We believe in fostering independence, development, and growth for our individuals to live more robust lives. We help them to fulfill their dreams!
Founded by a group of passionate parents and advocates, our goal has always been to provide a safe and nurturing environment for developmentally and intellectually disabled adults.
What families say
I don’t know what I’d do if Twin Valley were not here for my daughter Louella. She has been working at The Wearhouse for almost 10 years. She loves her work and meeting new people each day and every aspect of her job. Finding their clients the job that is best suited to them, is only one of the many things that TV does to improve their client's lives. TV sponsors dances, swimming parties, trips to the county fair, and many other fun things! They have provided transportation to medical & dental appointments, too.

We appreciate each employee for all they do to give Lou the opportunity to be the best that she can be! We love Twin Valley and they are a very important part of our family.
Frances Kurtz
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